Carrie was wonderful. My case was difficult because of issues but she was able to get through it and get me approved. I appreciate everything she did for me and now I am a home owner!

Carrie is a godsend. She helped us through the most stressful thing we've ever done. When it looked the worst, she had the best attitude, and reassured us. She was readily available to answer any and all questions I had. She worked so hard in our behalf. She did more than our realtor. I wish she could get his commission! She made this crazy Rollercoaster ride bearable. I can't imagine having any other loan originator than Carrie Harris. HIGHLY recommended!

Carrie Harris saved me from a horrific situation that my initial lender put me in. After my offer was accepted, things began to fall apart with the lender, but Carrie swooped in with her superhero cape to make the impossible happen. She, and her team and Trident, had to make the loan process happen in half the time. Not only did Carrie come through in time, but with better rates than my previous lender had to offer. Carrie, and Trident, were essential in getting me the home I am in today, without her it wouldn't have happened. I 100% highly recommend Carrie Harris.

Carrie did an excellent job. She went well beyond what she had to do even calling places to get documents for me. Never pushed for my social like other lenders when i was still looking around. Just a great person to work with and she gets the job done no matter the obstacles will definitely be calling he the next time we buy a house. Thanks for everything !